• We are leather. We are experience and innovation, artisans and technologists; tailor- made defenders and new trend propellers.

  • We are the shield of the unique, the new, the everlasting. Irreverents and hedonists, we are instinct, we are icons, WE ARE GAUKK.

  • Craft & Technology:

    We are inspired by new technologies but we play tribute to the artisan work. We craft our jackets, bags and sneakers with the finest and most enduring material there is: LEATHER. We specially design the weave of the interiors of each piece, and the ironwork as well.

  • Luxury Experience:

    True luxury requires time, and relies on personalized experiences. We follow this motto in our designs. There are no two jackets the same. Our products are 100% handmade, focused on details, tagged with a unique serial number and certificate of authenticity.

Our design, made specially for you.

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